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Lieberman Speculum for Laskik Surgery V wire

Works really well for LASIK. It is easy to insert and remove. The Lieberman speculum helps reduce the risk of disturbing the flap.

Quick and convenient ordering

Simple and easy ordering, product was shipped quickly.

Best speculums ever

These are by far the best eyelid speculums I have ever used. They are the perfect balance between patient comfort and functionality.

Extactly what I was looking for

Perfect for the MUA and are exactly as advertised

Great product!

Good quality and fast delivery.

Small box

We have purchased these boxes to avoid losing small but expensive components in our dental practice. It seems to be one of the best solutions to keep count of tiny composite rings, implant parts etc. previously we were placing those components in small sterilization bags and they would often get thrown out because of their size. This small box is amazing and cannot be overlooked in the sterilization process. Highly recommended.


Five stars, no faults with the product that I can see. Good quality materials. Feels heavy in a good way.

Sturdy and reliable

Good size for my on call plastics kit. Feels sturdy and lid latches well. High quality material!

Great product

Good quality and great price.

Quality product, easy service

The product is of great quality, the service is quick and easy. I had to buy two of these and haven’t had any issues qith quality and service.

Good quality

Good quality for the price.

Great speculum

Perfect for my call bag- would buy again


Easy to order, came quick and good quality!!

Great value

Great value for the cost. Patient satisfied


We were in search of a punctal plug with a firm vertical shaft. Other brands seemed more difficult to insert. We have found that the VeraPlugs work best. Ordering was easy and shipping was fast

Easy to search for products and order

Eye Speculum Store had just what I was looking for and the search and ordering functions were very easy to use.

Good plugs, cheapest here.

We like the unique sizing options in the dissolvable and that it is cheaper to purchase through this site than anywhere else.


These were great!! Thank you!

Great Product!

These were exactly what we were looking for! Thank you!

Nice forceps!

Just as pictured. Will work great for our docs. Thank you!

Worked well for Students

Was used in optometric education course - perfectly!

Great product

Most reasonable priced product I've found!

Perfect size

This tray fit our endoscope perfectly.

Punctal plug review, new customer

Excellent quality plugs and I especially liked the packaging. Easy access to the plugs, without any of them slipping out.

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