Punctal Plugs And Its Uses

Punctal plugs are used in ophthalmic procedures. They are also called as tear duct plug or lacrimal plug or punctum plug or occluder is a tiny, biocompatible medical device which is inserted into tear ducts to block drainage. This in turn increases the eye's tear film and surface moisture to help relieve certain forms of dry eye problems. This device is no larger than a grain of rice.

Collagen punctal plugs are inserts used for diagnostic use. These provide highly effective occlusion in the first 2 to 3 days post-insertion. These plugs get absorbed completely in 7 to 10 days. These consist of 60 inserts per box (10 packs of 6 inserts each). 

Extended duration absorbable punctal plugs (60-180 days) are inserted into the punctal opening which block tear drainage through the canaliculus. Synthetic absorbable plugs provide extended temporary relief for dry eye symptoms. These are sterile and disposable. This comes as 2 plugs per package / 10 packages per box.

Partially Occluded Punctal Plug Sterile Pre-Loaded designed to provide a simple and effective treatment to slow down tear drainage. The inner channel provides partial occlusion. It is designed for easy insertion and proper anatomic fit. It is individually packaged and preloaded on a sterile, disposable inserter with 1 pair per box.

Punctal Plug Bulk Non Sterile Plugs are silicone implants which are permanent with medium (0.6mm - 0.85mm). These are reusable inserters that are sold separately. This comes as 2 pugs per bag, 20 plugs per box.

Punctal Plug Pre Loaded (Sterile) are packed in a convenient 2-pack (1 pair) tray. It is individually sterile and pre-loaded with high-quality disposable insertion instrument. 

Punctal Plugs FlexFit Fits Multiple Sizes Pre Loaded (Sterile) are devised for simple sizing and easy insertion. It provides comfort for patients and helps in super retention. It is individually packed and preloaded on a sterile disposable inserter as 1 pair per box.

Sizing Gauge For Punctal Plugs are used for determining proper plug size for punctum plug insertion. The gauge is composed of titanium and stainless steel. It features dual-sided tips. It is available with 0.5 mm and 0.6 mm tips or with 0.7 mm and 0.8 mm tips.

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