Learn How to Conduct Punctal Occlusion with Ready Set Punctal Plugs

Punctal occlusion is the process which is carried out when dry eye becomes worst leading to scarring and corneal infection. Ophthalmologists always suggest the Punctal occlusion  procedure to treat the dry eye long-term syndrome. Punctal occlusion is merged with additional treatments to diagnose the complications in dry eye syndrome.

You can figure out that Punctal plugs are insert into the puncta when we dig more closer.The reason behind inserting it into puncta is to lower the tear flow from eyes. The punctal plugs are said to be as lacrimal plugs or occluders and are available in different sizes.

The link below describes about fitting occlusion inside the puncta on a patient. The grain of rice can be compared with the punctal plugs in regard to its size and can only be used when eye drops are not diagnosing your DES. Also it has to be provided with the case sheets. The punctal plug treatment is always done only if it is prescribed.

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