Is Your Ingrown Eyelashes Bothering You? - Try This

In grown eye lash - technically known as Trichiasis - is a common abnormality of eyelids caused due to eye infections, autoimmune traumatic conditions, or swelling and inflammation of the eyelid. It is a problematic condition where the eyelashes grow inwards. They are pointed in the wrong direction towards the inner lid and keeps creating foreign body sensations.

When the eyelashes prick the cornea or keep rubbing against the white part of the eyes that is conjunctiva, and the inner edges of your eyes, it becomes an intolerable irritation for the eyes. Trachoma is a kind of eye infection that can make your Trichiasis condition even worse and might lead to blindness. It is one of the major causes of Trichiasis.

Electrolysis for Trichiasis can be one of the easiest procedure that can potentially treat the problem permanently as compared to standard treatment of plucking them using a forcep. To know more about the problem, its causes, and treatments, stay tune with our blog posts. 

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