How To Choose Right Type of Punctal Plugs

In order to cure most of the common eye diseases, punctal occlusion method is very effective. Hence it becomes a vital and staple procedure of the well-equipped ophthalmology practice. Punctal plugs help retain tears, keeping the eye moist and healthy while reducing symptoms of dry eye. Fortunately, there are a number of effective punctal plugs on the market–but (unfortunately) sorting through them can be tedious. 

Punctal Plugs is an Ophthalmological necessity. Tear duct plugs can treat chronic dry eye, Sjogren’s syndrome, punctal stenosis and other eye conditions but this is quite elegant and comparatively simple compared to punctual plug. Punctal also known as canalicular plugs prove to be effective and it can also be used after refractive (LASIK) surgery.

Lacrimal plugs can be used along with glaucoma treatment so as to speed the healing process after cataract surgery. It is also used to treat seasonal dry eye and to make contact lens wear easy for dry eye patients. According to the treatment goal, the plugs are to be placed either in 2 puncta or all 4. Finding the Exact Lacrimal Plugs is very essential. The plugs that chose depend upon the patients. It should be free from any side effect. It must be helpful and convenient to the users. The Lacrimal Plug Materials, Shapes and Designs depend upon the specialized functions. 

Tear duct plugs are categorized into several purpose-built types as follows:

*High quality EagleVision temporary collagen tear duct plugs for temporary use.

*Synthetic copolymer or silicone, such as the Duraplug is used for long term temporary usage mostly for a period of 2 to 6 months.

*Flow control tear duct plugs are perforated so as to permit limited tear flow and prevent epiphora or overflow. 

*Ultraplug Extended Wear Synthetic absorbable or dissolvable tear duct plugs are utilized for the convenience of patient and clinician.

These come as pre-loaded plugs packaged with disposable cannula for quick insertion. The tapered designs are helpful for easy insertion. The needs of the patients are fulfilled. 

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