Have Dry Eyes? Read This Before You Get Treated with Punctal Plugs

Does your tear provide sufficient moisture to your eyes? Dry eyes are a common problem that occurs if enough tears are not produced and also due to the poor quality of tears. As you turn older, the eyes start becoming dry.  The punctal plugs are the best solution to cure dry eyes. According to the severity of the dryness of your eyes, the optometrist or ophthalmologist may suggest the punctal plug for occlusion therapy as one of the treatment options.

Although the fear of process of insertion of the plugs is often a reason to avoid this, you can check out this video to understand how the punctal plugs are fitted and removed. Here the Optometrist have used two types of punctal plugs safely and effectively to cure the dry eyes.

When the dry eye severity is extreme, the punctal cautery is conducted. In this process, the opening of the tear duct is burnt to close the scars. The to be cauterized area is anesthetized. The end of the video as you can check in the above link discusses punctal cautery too.

Check the link and remove your fears to get your dry eyes treated.

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