Getting Punctal Plugs For Dry Eyes? Read This Before You Get One

When your eyes suffer lowered tear products which created dryness then your ophthalmologist may plug your tear duct for blocking the tears flowing from your eye. This process helps keeps the eyedrops, and tears within your eyes for an extended period keeping the moisture in your eyes.

The plugs inserted into the tear duct can be of various types, namely, collagen, silicone, and intracanalicular.

The Collagen plugs get dissolved maybe in a few months, weeks or days. Firstly, such plugs are tested, if at all it can be an effective solution for your dry eyes. If it helps, your ophthalmologist might change it for a model that lasts longer.

The silicone or punctal plugs are the longer lasting model that helps in treating your eyes for a long-term. If you need to remove punctal plugs for a different or new treatment, the removal procedure is easy.

Intracanalicular plugs stay on for the longest time and go deeper into the tear duct. The surface of the lid looks normal and the plugs cannot be seen. It can go on for years and some of them may need a surgery can remove such plugs.

Here is a link where Dr. Al Kabat explains the various types of plugs for dry eyes a clear understanding of the various types of plugs.

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