Dry Eyes? Need Punctal Occlusion? Read This First

Do you know what punctal occlusion is? It is a procedure used by the ophthalmologists to treat the dry eyes syndrome. When the dry eyes become a chronic syndrome causing mild uneasiness to scarring and corneal infection, punctal occlusion is a treatment that is combined with other treatments to solve the complexities of dry eyes syndrome.

As you go deeper into this subject, you may learn that when a plug is inserted into the puncta, it helps to reduce the tear flow from the eyes. You can find punctal plugs in various sizes and they are also known as lacrimal plugs or occluders.

The punctal plugs are the size of grain of rice and only used if you can show your treatment history and prove that the eye drops are not working for your dry eyes. The prescription is a must for all if you wish to change your course of treatment with punctal plugs.

Here is a quick video to see how it works

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