Dry Eye? Choosing Between Eye Drop Medications Or Punctal Plugs? Read This

Restasis and punctal plugs are the two ways that help in curing dry eyes. What is Restasis? It is a prescribed drop that helps in improving the production of the patient’s own tears but it has some drawbacks. Firstly, it is expensive, secondly, time-consuming, and finally, it takes time a long time to work. Thus, punctal plugs are the best and ultimate options to cure the Dry Eyes Syndrome (DES).

See the video below that shows how satisfied the patients are with the punctal plugs treatment. Dr. Mack, the dry eyes expert explain what dry eye actually is and how can it be treated. In the video, he showed us the patient’s feedback on the same. The punctal plugs are tiny silicone cylinders or collagen, normally 3 mm in length and lesser than 1 mm in width is implanted into the eyelid’s puncta. 

Check out the link and keep your fears away. It helps in building your confidence and strongly decide if you wish to go with the punctal plug procedure for curing your dry eyes. Get a clearer perspective on the subject and cure your chronic DES using punctal plugs. One of the other natural alternative would be the use of dry eye masks.

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