ProLectro™ Epilator For Electrolysis of Trichiasis / InGrown Eye Lashes
ProLectro™ Epilator For Electrolysis of Trichiasis / InGrown Eye Lashes
ProLectro™ Epilator For Electrolysis of Trichiasis / InGrown Eye Lashes

ProLectro™ Epilator For Electrolysis of Trichiasis / InGrown Eye Lashes

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The newly designed Pro Lectro Epilator is an US made portable electrolysis device that removes in grown eye lashes either permanently or for longer durations. Its battery operated (two 9 Volt battery) making it extremely portable and easy to use globally.

Pro-Lectro Epilator constitutes a major refinement in instrumentation for the long-lasting removal of unwanted eyelashes.  The Pro-Lectro is simple to operate, effective for removal of troublesome eyelashes.  An adjustable direct current meter delivers the optimal current to destroy the follicle.  The instrument employs the basic principle of electrolysis, through battery power.

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Key Benefits:

  • Permanent solution: Electrolyis removes irritating lashes permanently.  Useful for patients with Trichiasis or Distichiasis.
  • Convenient and lightweight: Battery operated, handheld case with ergonomic aluminum handpiece.
  • Reliable powerDigital readout provides precise control over power levels
  • Eligible for reimbursement:  Most insurance carriers should provide reimbursement under CPT Code 67825 for Epilation


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed  

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CAUTION: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale and use by, or on the order of, a physician.


Item # 





Pro-Lectro Epilator, with carrying case 


Accessories and Supplies


Stylets, non-sterile



1-7/8” solid gel electrodes



9 volt battery



Instructions for Use and Warranty Information 

The Pro Lectro is a simple to operate, effective epilator for removal of troublesome eyelashes. An adjustable direct current meter delivers the optimal current to destroy the follicle.

START-UP: This unit requires two 9-V batteries (included). To turn on the unit, ip the power switch (J).

CALIBRATION: Calibration of the unit is necessary before each patient. Insert end of hand piece (B) cord into the white hand piece socket (K), and the EKG patch connector (G) into the red ground socket (L). Rotate the control knob (H) counter-clockwise to the minimum position. To calibrate, touch the stylet holder (D) against the EKG patch cord connector (G). While the stylet is touching the EKG patch cord connector, depress the activation button (C) on the hand piece, and turn the control knob clockwise until the meter reads between 1 and 2 on the digital meter scale (I) (see Figures 1 - 3 below). Release the activation button - the Epilator is now calibrated. 




INSTALLING THE STYLET: Remove the collet nut (E) from the stylet holder (D) by rotating it counterclockwise. After the collet nut is removed, pick a stylet (F) from the case. NOTE: STYLETS ARE VERY SHARP SO HANDLE CAREFULLY! It is important to use forceps to insert the stylet into the opening where the collet nut had been attached. The stylet fits approximately five millimeters into the slotted end of the holder and is seated against the stop. Carefully guide the collet nut over the stylet and thread it onto the slotted end of the holder. Do not over tighten. The unit is now ready for epilation.

EPILATION: Prior to epilation, the patient must have the EKG patch adhered firmly to the back of the hand and the EKG patch cord connected to the EKG patch (see Figure 3). After the patient’s eyelid has been numbed with an injectable anesthetic, the physician inserts the stylet into the follicle (see Figure 4) of the problem eyelash and depresses the activation button. Typically within 1 to 2 seconds, small bubbles will appear at the base of the eyelash and the activation button can be released as the stylet is withdrawn. If no bubbles appear at the base of the lash or the meter readout remains at zero, check to ensure there is proper EKG patch contact between the patient’s hand and the unit. Once the patch is securely attached to the patient the procedure can be repeated. Additionally, the power can be slowly increased, up to a maximum recommended value of 5. In most cases the eyelash will come out when the stylet is withdrawn. If the eyelash is still in place, use a forceps to lift the lash out. If multiple lashes need to be removed on a single patient, clean and disinfect the stylet with 70% isopropyl alcohol (liquid or prep pad) and repeat the procedure as needed.

AFTER EPILATION: After epilation, remove the stylet and dispose. STYLETS ARE VERY SHARP SO HANDLE CAREFULLY. Use a 70% isopropyl alcohol prep pad to clean the collet nut appropriately after each patient. Turn unit off after use to preserve battery life.








  1. This device is not recommended for use on patients who have a pacemaker or other electronic implants.

  2. The stylets are intended for single patient use only. Do not use on multiple patients! They may be re-used on the same patient during the same treatment session if multiple lashes need to be removed. However, the stylet should be cleaned and disinfected between each lash removal, by wiping it well with 70% isopropyl alcohol (liquid or prep pad).

  3. For use with eyelashes only.

  4. The physician is responsible for any consequences resulting from deviations from these usage and cleaning recommendations. 

Limited Warranty Agreement

Product: Pro-Lectro Epilator (Item #98880) Limited Warranty Period/Type: 1 Year Limited: Parts & Labor, Mail In
Service Phone Number: 8189456633

This Agreement (“Agreement”), between the original purchaser (“You”) and Eye Care and Cure (“ECC”), applies to the Pro-Lectro Epilator listed above and purchased in the United States and Canada. This limited warranty extends only to You, the original purchaser, and is not transferable to anyone who subsequently purchases, leases, or otherwise obtains the Product from You.

The term of this Limited Warranty is mentioned above. The Limited Warranty Period commences on the date that the Product is invoiced to You, and is re ected on the invoice shipped with your Product.

Product Limited Warranty

ECC warrants that its Product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the Limited Warranty Period. This warranty includes the main components of the system including the housing, the hand piece and its cord attachment, the EKG patch connector and cord, the rheostat and the milli-ampere measurement gauge. During the Limited Warranty Period, ECC will, at its discretion provide either: (a) replace parts necessary to repair the Product; (b) repair the Product or replace it with a comparable product; (c) refund the amount You paid for the Product upon its return. Replacement parts and Product will be new, or in good condition, and comparable in function and performance to the original part or Product, warranted for the remainder of the original Limited Warranty Period or, if longer, 90 days after they are shipped to You.

Limitations and Exclusions

The warranty does not include the batteries, stylets, EKG pads or assembly pieces such as collette nuts, which anchor the stylet into the hand piece, unless these parts arrive damaged and ECC is noti ed within 3 business days. A Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number and a call tag for return shipping to ECC will be issued for return of the defective Product or accessory.

In addition, this Limited Warranty does not cover and ECC is not responsible for:
• Damages caused by misuse, abuse, accidents, 
re, theft, disappearance, misplacement, use of incorrect or unsafe power source.

  • Damages caused by servicing not authorized by Eye Care and Cure.

  • Damages caused by usage that is not consistent with product instructions or user manuals.

  • Normal wear and tear.

  • Minor imperfections that meet design specications.

  • Cosmetic damage or exterior nish that does not affect functionality.

  • Damage caused as a result of improper transportation or packing/packaging when returning the product to ECC or an ECC Authorized Servicer.

    Instructions on Obtaining Warranty Service

• For specific instructions on obtaining warranty service please call the Service Phone Number listed above.

To obtain warranty service:

  • You must obtain warranty service from AccuSpire for epilators purchased here.

  • You must have a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number from AccuSpire.

  • You may be required to deliver and retrieve Your Product to and from ECC or AccuSpire at your expense. When sending a Product to ECC or AccuSpire You must deliver the Product, freight prepaid, in either its original packaging o packaging offering an equal level of protection. You are responsible for properly packaging your Product, paying all shipping costs, insurance costs, loss or damage to the Product during shipping, and any other taxes, fees, duties or charges associated with transporting the Product to ECC or AccuSpire

  • If AccuSpire / ECC asks You to return defective parts or Product, You must do so within 15 days after receiving the replacement parts or Product. ECC will charge You for replacement parts or Product if You fail to do so. All exchanged parts and Product replaced under this Agreement will become the property of ECC.

Obtaining Non-warranty Consumables

• Replacement batteries, stylets, EKG pads and collette nuts are available for purchase on


Pro-Lectro™ is a registered trademark of Eye Care and Cure

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